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Your Career Path at FlashBanc

When you become an agent at FlashBanc, it’s the start of an amazing career in sales. There is a clearly defined career path at FlashBanc which consists of four distinct paths: Account Executive, Regional Sales Director, National Sales Director, and Vice President. Keep reading to take a look at what the stages in your career will look like. 

Account Executive

In the first stage of your career at FlashBanc, you will be an Account Executive. We offer the best training program in the industry and our online training portal, MyFlashBanc, will give you all the sales tools and support necessary to jumpstart your career. In this role, you will work closely with merchants in your area to help them save money with payment processing solutions, including payment hardware, gift cards, loyalty programs, contactless payment solutions, electronic check acceptance, and other payment solutions. As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for maintaining positive relationships with merchants and guiding them to the best possible payment solutions for their business. 

Regional Sales Director

Once you prove yourself as a FlashBanc Account Executive, you’ll move up to the role of Regional Sales Director. In this position, you will work to build your own team of Account Executives, and you will be responsible for mentoring them and providing sound leadership. This stage of your career will be very rewarding because you’re training less experienced agents and you will watch them grow and blossom into successful sales professionals. In addition to the reward of seeing your agents grow, you will receive various monetary rewards, such as residual overrides and a bonus for when a member of your team signs on their tenth client. 

National Sales Director

The next step in your career is the role of National Sales Director. In addition to the responsibilities and duties of a Regional Sales Director, you will interface with our Customer Service team to help provide our clients with the best service possible, create cost comparisons and proposals for prospects, and help your Account Executives close deals with merchants. In this role, you’ll be in charge of supervising between 20 and 40 Account Executives all across the nation, so it will give you a chance to significantly impact the success of multiple markets. 

Vice President 

After successfully working yourself all the way through the FlashBanc ranks, you will be promoted to Vice President. In this role, you will focus more on big picture items, like new business development, client project delivery and management, recruitment, employee career development, and development of FlashBanc’s national capabilities. While the majority of your time will be spent working on strategy and partnership development, you will also be in charge of leading a group of National Sales Directors. 

Join Our Team

Now that we’ve given you a quick glimpse into your future at FlashBanc, are you ready to get started? Contact us today to join our team! It’s time to take charge of your life and achieve the success you never thought possible. 

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