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Who is FlashBanc?

So, you’re a merchant that has heard of a company called “FlashBanc”. Perhaps you’ve met with one of our agents, or maybe you just happened upon our blog. Either way, you’ve learned that we can help you process transactions, make use of a plethora of programs, and save a ton of money. Still, you don’t quite know what or who FlashBanc is exactly. To inform you more of who, or what, we are, we will need to go on an adventure through time back to the beginning.

The Beginning

65 million years ago, dinosaurs existed. Then just under 65 million years passed and 2008 came along. In June of that year, two entrepreneurs were sat at a kitchen table with a dream. A dream to create the greatest merchant processing company in the world! So, with a shake of their hands, they began working from that table and growing their new dream called ‘FlashBanc’. By the end of that year, their dream grew from an idea to a sustainable business with 100 clients that was too large for just one table. So they moved to the couch in the den.. It was more comfortable that way. From there, they continued working and growing this dream until they were able to hire their first employee in 2009, and then move into a small office. From there they continued until…


In 2010, the two entrepreneurs made a deal with First Data and became an ISO registered with Wells Fargo. With their new sponsor behind them and national attention from CNBC, Market Watch, and Business Week in 2011, they continued to grow and eventually expanded into their national headquarters at the end of 2012. The following year, FlashBanc launched its industry leading training program, FlashBanc University to further train its agents in helping merchants around the nation. By June of 2014, FlashBanc landed at #982 on the Inc 5000, and was able to repeat that feat in the following 2015. 


FlashBanc is an industry-leading merchant processor with 24/7 support for its merchants. We are dedicated to being more than a processor. We know that the relationship between us and our merchants is a vital one, and with that, serve as a consultant and partner. We offer many programs that are centered around your success, including a cash advance that will allow you to grow your business, just as our founding members grew FlashBanc. We have partnered with the best companies in the processing industry, and will continue to, so that we can make use of those relationships and provide our merchants with the technology, solutions, and support needed to succeed.


Moving forward, FlashBanc will continue to grow with no intention of slowing down. We will continue crafting industry leading solutions and technologies to further serve our partners. Additionally, we are powered by First Data, the number one company in the Financial Data Service industry. With such a strong foundation, FlashBanc has no limit and by joining us, neither will you.

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