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What Do We Look For in Sales Agent Candidates?

By Joe Astobiza, Vice President and Talent Acquisition Director

As Vice President and Talent Acquisition Director for FlashBanc, my job is to identify and recruit talented candidates for our sales agent career opportunities around the country. Today, I’d like to discuss a few of the key qualities I look for in the recruiting process, as I believe that these qualities are great predictors of success at our company.

A Student Mentality

The number one thing I look for is a student mentality. The payments industry is constantly changing and as new technologies are introduced to the market, we need our sales agents to be on top of these changes and new offerings. Our valued clients deserve the latest and greatest products and services, and we need our representatives to stay up-to-date on new innovations. If you’re a voracious learner and consider yourself a lifelong student, you’re going to be a great fit for FlashBanc. 

The Drive for Continuous Improvement 

Along with a student mentality, the desire to improve yourself is a must-have for this career path. Regardless of how much sales experience you have, there’s always room for improvement, and we want our sales agents to be eager to grow. It really doesn’t matter where you start in this career; what truly matters is where you want to go. In interviews, I am drawn to candidates who discuss their long-term career goals and have an ambitious plan for their future. 

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

For any sales career, an entrepreneurial spirit is vital to your success. We’re interested in candidates who are go-getters and are constantly looking for ways to grow their careers. Entrepreneurs are independent, positive, and accountable to themselves, the organization, and most importantly, their merchants.  If you have big dreams and aren’t afraid to go out there and accomplish them, we want you on our team. 

Prior Experience is a Plus

Some candidates come to me with years of experience and are ready to hit the ground running. On the other hand, new graduates and professionals changing career paths might consider FlashBanc with little to no prior experience. In this instance, it’s my job to identify which applicants have the chops to succeed in this challenging, but highly rewarding career. If you’re an independent, driven, and dedicated person with a strong desire to succeed, your lack of experience will not be a problem for us. Skills can be easily taught, but attitude cannot. 

Professionals From Diverse Backgrounds

FlashBanc is made up of people from all walks of life and we believe this gives us a valuable competitive advantage. Our diverse workforce brings a variety of life experiences to the table and when we work together, we truly can accomplish anything. When selecting candidates for our career opportunities, I make sure to hire candidates from varied backgrounds, as these differences will make us stronger as a business. 

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