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The Beauty of FlashBanc Gift Cards

By Ronald Smith, Sales Director 

It’s no secret that gift cards are a fan-favorite for buyers, sellers, and recipients. That’s why I make sure to let the merchants I work with in on the incredible perks of offering these convenient, fun gift options. Let’s discuss why gift cards are a must-have for your business and how FlashBanc can help you offer them to your valued customers. 

The Value Proposition 

First, let’s talk about why gift cards are amazing. For buyers, they present a simple, elegant solution for gifting. Instead of dragging themselves to the store, browsing for 30 minutes, guessing what gift their friend or family member will want, wrapping it, giving it to them, and thinking in the back of their mind that they secretly don’t like it, they could just give them a gift card. It enables them to buy whatever they like so they aren’t stuck with a pricy gift that they’re not in love with.

For businesses, they provide an opportunity to acquire new clients through their current ones, boost their revenues before giving up any inventory, and encourage increased spending. According to a Blackhawk study, 60 percent of people who receive gift cards tend to spend more money than what their cards are worth. Plus, more than 50 percent of American adults forget to use their gift cards, which leaves around $15.3 billion in value on the table for businesses across the nation. 

Offer Gift Cards With Ease

To suit your unique needs, we offer a few different gift card programs. If you’re simply in need of a payment’s partner who can get you started, but you’re interested in handling the fine details yourself, that’s fine with us! On the other hand, we also offer several turnkey options where our team will handle everything from A to Z, including card design and production, payment terminal programming, training for your staff members, marketing and promotion, and card processing. 

Our gift cards never expire, are available in digital form which means your customers won’t need to worry about hanging onto a physical card, and are compatible with today’s most popular payment processing devices. Plus, in many cases, no new equipment will be needed to start offering gift cards to your customers. It’s never been easier, simpler, or more straightforward to jump into the profitable world of gift cards. 

We’re Here to Help 

If your business has never offered gift cards before today, it can be nerve wracking to make the jump. Just know that our team of experts is here to help you along every step of the way, and our customer service representatives are available 24/7/365 if you have questions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed! 

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