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Terminal Upgrade Time

Hello Merchants! 

While we love vintage aesthetics as much as the next person, when it comes to your business it’s best to keep the newest technology on hand. We’re talking about your terminals! As your business continues to grow, so does your need for a reliable credit card point of sale system. So, if you’re unsure whether you need to update your terminal, here are 5 tell-tale signs it’s time for terminal updating. 

Slow Processing Times

Does your POS move slower than your grandma? I mean painfully slow. Are your customers sighing as they wait for your terminal to finish processing their payments? It may be time to upgrade that terminal. Ridiculously slow terminals can discourage customers from returning. Slow processing times can often be caused by outdated systems. A bad network connection can also be the cause of a slow terminal, so ensure you’ve checked your connection. 

Expensive Terminal Fees

Old terminals can and will break down on you over time. They often need upgrading or repairments, and repairs can cost more than the terminal itself. There have even been cases where the program outdates the terminal and slows down the payment process altogether. When looking for a new terminal, ask your provider what troubleshooting services they offer if the device doesn’t work as it should. 

Terminals Not Accepting All Credit Cards

As a customer, nothing is more inconvenient than realizing the place of business you’ve chosen doesn’t take your form of payment. The older your terminal is the less likely it is to take all forms of payment. With multiple payment options being available to customers, you want to ensure that every one of your customers can be serviced. With contactless payment becoming more popular, keeping up with the times is essential. Does your current terminal take all forms of payment? If not, it’s time to upgrade. 

Terminal Card Reader Issues

If a terminal isn’t able to properly read credit cards, it can affect your business negatively. In the case where a terminal cannot read cards, it can be entered manually. However, this can incur charges from merchant providers. With smart chips in place of swiping credit cards, it is important to ensure that your terminal can receive payments as they are supposed to.

Having a complete POS

Terminal technologies have rapidly changed in the past few years. Having a smart terminal is your business’s best option to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly. Smart terminals usually include an easy to read touch screen device, scanner, and receipt printer. Smart terminals allow you to access sales data anywhere at any time allowing inventory to be taken a lot easier. Lastly, upgrading with a smart terminal is much easier because it can upgrade all of your terminals simultaneously and remotely. 

Flashbanc provides multiple solutions for merchants when looking for a new terminal. Our most popular smart terminals are our Clover systems. If you’re interested in getting a new smart terminal please contact us at FlashBanc.

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