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Take Payments From Anywhere With Our Wireless Devices

If your business has you constantly on-the-move, a wireless payment device is vital to your success. With the help of one of our portable terminals, you’ll be able to accept payments from anywhere that your business might take you. Keep reading to learn about our solutions that will help keep your business moving! 

FD 410

This wireless point-of-sale device provides merchants with a full range of payment options, all available from the palm of their hand. It enables you to easily accept payments via credit, debit, gift cards, paper checks, and EBT. With the “store-and-forward” capability, you can take advantage of the lower processing rates for card-present transactions even if your device loses signal at the time of a purchase. This feature will help your business save money on credit card processing fees. When it comes to training your employees to use this device, it couldn’t be easier thanks to its touch-screen display and intuitive button choices. You and your team will be pros at operating the FD 410 in no-time! 

VX 680

This wireless terminal packs comprehensive payment options, amazing connectivity, and the industry’s most advanced security into a compact, portable package. It enables you to quickly accept contactless, chip, or stripe payments. When taking payments on-the-go, it’s important to have reliable connectivity so you don’t miss out on making a sale. In addition to connecting to Wi-Fi or the Vodafone GPRS network, this device allows you to accept payments even if you don’t have a connection. Aside from its advanced payment processing capabilities, this device includes the largest color touch screen display of any device in the industry. Additionally, it fits comfortably in your hand and offers a high-quality keypad that your customers will find pleasant to interact with. 

Clover Flex 

Whether you’re looking to serve customers at the counter, at the table, or in the check-out line, the Clover Flex makes taking payments simple. This handheld device features an ergonomic design, advanced payment capabilities, and superior security settings. To protect you and your customers from fraud, it has a built-in dual-layered payment security solution from TransArmor. In addition to accepting payments via magnetic stripe and EMV, it’s well-equipped to accept contactless payments, which is a must-have feature during the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps the most exciting part of owning a Clover payment device is the wide range of integrated apps available from the Clover App Market. When it comes to streamlining payroll, generating business insights, increasing customer loyalty, and optimizing your workforce, Clover has got you covered.  

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