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What Recruiters Look For

Here at FlashBanc, we hire many of our Sales Agents based on attitudes, not experience. If you recently graduated from college and you’re worried about applying due to your lack of work experience, we’re here to put your mind at ease. You don’t need 20 years of experience as a salesperson to succeed in this career; all that matters to us is that you are an independent thinker, self-disciplined, adaptable, good at solving problems, and authentic.
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Day in the Life of an Agent

Every day as a FlashBanc Sales Associate means a new set of adventures, and opportunities for personal growth. From the moment you wake-up to the moment you fall asleep, your day is yours. Although everyone’s day will be different, we wanted to detail what a day in the life of a Sales Associate might look like. Keep reading to find out!
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Getting Off to a Good Start

Starting a new career can be tough for a multitude of reasons. You’re entering a new environment where you don’t know anyone, you might be worried about making a good impression with your new boss, and you have no idea what to expect from your training, co-workers, or daily schedule. Here at FlashBanc, we want to ease your worries, and make sure you know what to expect when you become a Sales Agent for our organization. Keep reading to find out what your first few months with us will be like!
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