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Successful Sales Agents: Made, Not Born

By Jarrett Rodriguez, Assistant Sales Director

No one is born a salesperson. While some seem to be born with the so-called “sales gene,” it’s much more likely that they have had years of training and hands-on support to get to the point where they are in their career. Today, I’d like to discuss the process of becoming a successful sales agent from the ground up and what ingredients are necessary for a profitable career in sales. 

The Right Training Program 

I cannot overstate the importance of an effective training program when it comes to creating skilled sales agents. No matter where someone starts in their professional journey, a good training program and a committed teacher can make all the difference in getting them to the finish line. What sets the FlashBanc sales agent opportunity apart from other programs is our robust training program and continuous learning opportunities. The payments industry is constantly changing, and new technologies are coming out every single day— so staying on top of new developments is key.

At FlashBanc, we’re proud to say that our sales agents are the best-trained and most prepared agents in the payments industry. Our comprehensive and fully online training program, FlashBanc University, consists of everything you’ll need to become the best salesperson you can be: webinars, monthly conference calls with FlashBanc’s top executives, live and recorded training sessions, and online manuals. For those looking to fine-tune their skills even further, we offer a 3-day intensive training program at our corporate headquarters in Florida. At this in-person learning opportunity, we walk our sales agents through the basics of merchant payment processing, as well as more advanced content like point-of-sale software, branded gift cards, and loyalty programs. 

An Excellent Support System 

In addition to receiving the right training, a dedicated support team is essential to a sales agent accomplishing their goals. As an Assistant Sales Director for FlashBanc, my job is to support the members of my team and make sure they have everything they need to succeed. For rookie agents, asking for help might feel a little intimidating because admitting you’re struggling with a task is always tough. The important thing to remember is that everyone on the FlashBanc team has been in your position at one point in their career and they know exactly what you’re going through. That’s why all of us are so committed to helping you develop your sales skills and grow professionally. 

Every sales agent on our team possesses different strengths, weaknesses, and needs, so our support services are highly customized. If you’re a whiz at identifying potential customers but you’re a little shaky on closing deals, someone on the FlashBanc team is here to assist. If you’re great at getting clients to sign on the dotted line but need some help on providing merchants with customer service support, we’re here for you. You can count on us for both front-end sales support and back-end merchant support. We’ve designed our sales support services to help you focus on what you do best. 

Something to Remember

For anyone looking to join FlashBanc as a sales agent, I’d like to leave you with a piece of wisdom I’ve gathered from my years at this organization: The key to being successful in this career is knowing how to talk to people. While some people are big extroverts and immediately feel comfortable meeting with and talking to prospects, most of us need a little help on this front. Knowing how to speak with potential clients is a teachable skill, so if you’re not already an expert at it, that’s totally fine! With our customized training program and hands-on support, you’ll be talking with prospects like a pro in no time. Becoming a highly profitable sales agent is a process, and everyone at FlashBanc is here to help you in your journey. 

Join the FlashBanc Team

Are you ready to start your career at FlashBanc? Please reach out to us to get started. Once you fill out our quick contact form, we’ll review your information and then contact you to schedule an interview. While challenging, a career in sales will test all of your limits and help you discover your true potential. You never know what you’re capable of until you try. 

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