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Springbig and FlashBanc: Loyalty Marketing Made Easy

Remember the days when you would walk into a shop, pick what you wanted to buy, and then spend a few stressful seconds fumbling around in your wallet for your money and loyalty card? Yep, those days are long gone. Not only have payments become more digital, with consumers starting to favor contactless and mobile payments, but loyalty programs have also made huge advancements! At FlashBanc, we have partnered with Springbig, a leading loyalty marketing software provider, to provide our customers with loyalty programs built for 2020. 

Why You Need a Loyalty Program

First off, let’s talk about why your business needs a loyalty program. Especially during the pandemic when many businesses are struggling to keep their doors open, a loyalty program will ensure that your customers are engaging with your brand on a regular basis and feel connected to your products and/or services. These programs are a proven way to grow and sustain market share for your business. Employing the right loyalty program will help entice customers to keep coming back for more, even when there are similar product and/or service offerings available in the market. They will keep customers loyal to your business and will help prevent them from making purchases from your direct competitors. 

Springbig Features and Benefits 

The Springbig software is proven to bring customers to your store more often, increase their loyalty to your offerings, and increase the amount of money they spend. All of this equates to higher revenues for your business, which can be an absolute lifesaver in these tough times. Springbig offers a variety of features including: 

  • Text Messaging: Springbig enables your business to send your customers engaging text messages that will help drive traffic to your shop, increase their engagement with your brand, and result in more spending. Staying in touch with your customers will help keep your business at the forefront of their mind and ensure that they come to you when they need to make a purchase. In addition to text only messaging, Springbig lets you send photos, videos, and voice recordings which can help increase customer engagement. 
  • Markit: This program will help you market to your customers based on their individual preferences. Markit gathers customer information and then helps you create targeted marketing campaigns to each sub-group. 
  • Loyalty and Rewards: In addition to the more individually targeted services Springbig offers, they offer the classic point-system loyalty program. Everytime your customer makes a purchase, they will receive a certain number of points and these points can be used for future purchases at your establishment. This is like the classic loyalty card program many businesses have used in the past, but redesigned for the digital age. 
  • Auto Connect: This feature allows you to send automated text messages to your customers at the right time. For instance, you can use Auto Connect to send your customers a text every Wednesday morning to remind them that you offer smoothies for a 50 percent discount that day. Easy, simple, and effective!   
  • Analytics: Springbig generates real-time analytics that will help you get to know your customers even better. They’ll convert complex analytics into an easy to read format, so you won’t need an advanced marketing degree to figure out how to better serve your customers. 

Get Started Today

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to get started! There’s never been a better time to start utilizing Springbig at your business. 

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