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Mobile Payments

The World is Mobile

The world has gone mobile, and so has payment technology. FlashBanc offers a comprehensive line of solutions for any businesses that need the added flexibility and opportunity mobile credit card processing offers. Whether you operate a local pizza delivery shop or a large concert vending service, we have wireless credit card processing solutions that meet your needs.

Mobile merchants now have several mobile options with built-in PIN pads and printers, enabling you to finalize the sale at the point of sale. For mobile businesses a wireless payment solution enhances business mobility and efficiency, simplifies the billing and payment process and increases sales and revenue.

Conference rooms, airports, taxi, trade shows, restaurants – business occurs everywhere and now you are able to get paid everywhere you do business. Wireless payment solutions allow fast, secure, error-free transactions. It supports a variety of payment and value-added services like credit, debit, smart card, gift and loyalty cards. They are small, flexible, very lightweight and portable enough to be carried in your pocket. They increase security and can reduce the need to handle large amounts of cash in transactions, keeping you and your money safe. Wireless payment solutions come with in-built printers and can be carried around easily.

  • Fast Transactions – verified transactions received in 2-3 seconds.
  • Avoid Losing Sales – reduce financial losses resulting from declined credit cards processed off-site.
  • Reduce Risks – reduce the risk of carrying large sums of cash or receiving bad checks.
  • Lower Processing Costs – processing costs are lower compared to manually key-entering card information at a later time.