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Countertop Terminals



The FD130 is a propriety terminal. It is compatible with EMV chip payments as well as NFC and Apple Pay payments and includes an internal PIN pad. The FD130 uses a fast thermal printer and has the ability to process over a dial or Ethernet connection as well as WIFI wireless connections.


  • Compact design
  • Windows CE 6.0; speedy ARM9 400Mhz CPU
  • Processing capabilities for ATM, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT) transactions and check payments
  • Fast printer capable of 15 lines per second
  • IP connectivity with dial-up as a backup and Wi-Fi as an additional option
  • Durable keys
  • Touch-screen capability with 320×240 color display
  • Merchant-friendly one-touch feature for daily functions
  • Three-track magnetic-stripe reader
  • 64 MB RAM standard memory
  • Three USB ports
  • Address verification service
  • Batch history
  • Simplified support and installation
  • 2.25-inch-wide thermal roll printer


VX 805 PIN pad utilizes NFC mobile payment options, EMV chip technology and traditional card swipe. Easy to hand to your customer, the VX 805 allows your business to run smoothly and quickly, keeping transactions simple and secure. To meet the progressing demand for multiple payment options, the Verifone VX 805 PIN pad is able to accept contactless payments, EMV chip technology, traditional re-swipe proof cardreader and smart cards.


  • Contactless/NFC capable
  • USB connectivity
  • Serial port connectivity


The FD35 accepts PIN and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, gift and EBT cards. Customers can insert their chip card into the EMV card reader, tap their contactless card, or swipe a traditional card through the magnetic card reader. The FD35 device enables mobile phone payments that help merchants drive loyalty and repeat business by generating and redeeming special offers.


  • Accepts Pin-secured and signature debit cards
  • Accepts chip-and-PIN-enabled cards, magnetic stripe cards, contactless cards, mobile phone payments, and key fobs
  • PCI-PED approved device
  • Open payments software that is innovation-agnostic as new payment types emerge
  • Easy USB connectivity to First Data-certified terminals
  • Does not require a separate power supply
  • Interactive payment process with lights and audio cue


It handles encryption, decryption and processing at lightning speeds thanks to its powerful processor and expandable memory. Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative payments and also supports value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance.


  • EMV® and contactless card capability allows you to accept a wider variety of cards as customers switch to new card technology.
  • High-speed Internet connection with dial-up backup lets you complete transactions quickly.
  • Easy-to-read white backlit display provides high visibility even in lower light conditions.
  • PCI PED 2.0 security
  • 500MB standard memory supports value-added applications like check services.
  • Built-in printer issues customer receipts without additional equipment.
  • Quick-release, transparent printer paper door loads paper quickly and efficiently.

SP 20

The SP20 is a plug-in compatible replacement PINpad with a variety of connection options to work in any POS system. It’s perfect for many different payment environments. The tactile, visual and audio feedback keypad minimizes entry errors and speeds up the payment process.


  • Easy connectivity via serial to ECR and POS devices
  • Ergonomic design, supports both handheld and counter-top environments
  • A plug-in compatible replacement PIN Pad
  • Comprehensive security protection

FD 200ti

WiFi capabilities enables you to accept any type of payment – including paper checks – with confidence. The wireless device features a built-in check reader and imager, while its magnetic strip reader accepts all major credit and debit cards. Checks are processed through the TeleCheck® Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) Verification Service. The service verifies customer information and, as an option, provides a warranty service. In addition to reducing your risk, the system protects customers’ information, as their checks are returned to them after processing.


  • Integrated check reader/imager
  • Combines an inkjet/thermal printer with the terminal for an all-in-one design
  • Internet protocol (IP) and dial-up connectivity, with optional Wi-Fi
  • Intuitive LCD touch screen
  • Drop-in paper loading for integrated thermal receipt printer
  • Receipts show only last four numbers of card information
  • Five USB and two serial ports
  • Support of contactless payment technology via attached peripheral
  • Inkjet single-line defacement printer dedicated to voiding checks
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
  • Enabled to support optional TransArmor® Solution protection

PAX S 80


S80 offers advanced connectivity, equipped with various communication technologies such as GPRS / 3G (WCDMA), Ethernet and PSTN. An intuitive ATM-style interface and ergonomic keypad make operation easier for merchant and consumer alike. The S80 comes with inbuilt contactless and powerful ARM11 processor, enabling support for multiple payment and value-added applications.


  • Powerful 32-bit ARM9 CPU
  • Large memory capacity
  • High-speed thermal printer
  • Combined power and modem cabling
  • PCI PTS online and offline certification
  • Ruggedized and stylish