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Sales Tips for New FlashBanc Agents

If you’ve never had a career in sales before, there’s a good chance you’re nervous about getting out into the field and talking to potential clients. Those butterflies that you’re feeling in your stomach? Yeah, they’re totally normal. To help ease your anxiety, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help new agents succeed. Take a deep breath and read on! We know you can do this. 

Do Your Research 

Successful Sales Agents spend a lot of time in the beginning stages of their career getting to know the products and/or services they are responsible for selling. If you’re feeling nervous about walking into your first sales call, our number one recommendation is to spend some extra time reading through the features and specifications of the FlashBanc offerings. If you have a good understanding of our products and services, you will be better equipped to ask your prospect the right questions, decode their needs, recommend the right product, and consequently make the sale. 

The ultimate goal of every Sales Agent is to become fluent in the products and services they’re selling, but this task isn’t accomplished overnight. Over the course of your career, your knowledge-base will expand and landing sales will become easier and easier. When you’re first starting out, you should try your best to learn as much as you can about our offerings, but don’t worry if you walk into a meeting without a master-level grasp of this information. If you need any assistance, please make sure to contact your Sales Director or check out the resources available from FlashBanc University. The entire FlashBanc team is here to support you. 

Get Your Blood Pumping 

As a new Sales Agent, it’s very important to develop and maintain a morning routine that will ensure your success. In addition to eating a healthy breakfast, we recommend starting your day off right with a quick (or not so quick) workout. Whether you choose to run a mile, go on a brisk walk, or even just do a few jumping jacks, any amount of movement in the morning will help you immensely throughout your day. In addition to improving your physical health, exercise will help boost your energy and focus, which are two things that are incredibly important to sales professionals! Most people are sluggish and tired in the morning, but a good exercise routine will get your blood pumping, and your body and mind ready for your busy day ahead. 

Another benefit of exercising regularly is that it can help you better manage your stress. When you exercise, your brain releases serotonin which helps to improve your overall mood and ease feelings of anxiety. If you have a busy day ahead of you, sometimes the last thing you want to do is exercise in the morning. However, even a short workout can help you deal with your busy schedule and any challenging situations you may come across. 

Create a Plan For Success

For both new and veteran Sales Agents, we recommend keeping a planner or journal by your side throughout the day. Writing out a detailed plan for your day, or even an hour-by-hour schedule, can help you stay focused on what’s really important: building relationships with potential clients. According to productivity experts, here are some of the best planners of 2020: If paper isn’t really your thing, you can also maintain a digital schedule in a Google Doc or a Microsoft Word document. 

Besides simply planning out your day, it’s important to plan out your sales goals and how they can be accomplished. During your first few months as a Sales Agent, it’s good to set realistic and achievable monthly goals. If you say ‘during my first month at FlashBanc, I’m going to land $1 million in sales,’ you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. While some people get incredibly lucky in their first few months and land huge deals straight out of the gate, that’s not typical for most new Sales Agents. You need to give yourself time to learn the product and service offerings, the prospecting process, and how to talk with potential clients. Setting realistic sales goals for your first few months will give you the freedom to spend time learning your new trade. 

Stayed Tuned

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be providing you with more articles like this! The entire FlashBanc team is committed to helping you succeed and we are always here to help

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