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Sales Networking Tips For The Age of Social Distancing

Being a FlashBanc Sales Agent is all about creating meaningful connections with other business professionals, and helping them find the best payment solutions for their individual needs. Before the pandemic, networking used to be easy: you could walk into that new coffee shop on your street, introduce yourself to the manager, physically shake their hand, and sit down with them to discuss payment solution options. Now that social distancing has become the new normal, it’s important to focus on virtual networking. 

Take Advantage of Videoconferencing 

Since everyone has been stuck inside for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, videoconferencing softwares have skyrocketed in popularity. Phone calls can often seem impersonal and there isn’t an opportunity to use the non-verbal body language that will help establish a deeper connection between participants. Videoconferences solve this problem and will allow you to communicate with potential clients more effectively. You can use platforms like Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting to conduct meetings with business owners that will mirror interactions you might have in-person. Although videoconferences aren’t a replacement for in-person interactions, they are an excellent way to connect with potential clients during the pandemic. 

Optimize Your Social Media Accounts 

For business professionals, the most important social networking platform is undoubtedly, LinkedIn. This platform has around 500 million users and it allows you to easily form connections with professionals in your area. It’s important to create an optimized profile that will show potential clients and business connections both your expertise and your personality, so make sure you put your best virtual foot forward. A few ways to make your profile standout include getting a professional headshot for your profile photo, using an eye-catching photo for your LinkedIn banner, and listing a few professional references from happy clients and your FlashBanc co-workers. 

Once you have your profile set-up, you can use LinkedIn’s powerful search function to find individuals, companies, and groups that you are interested in building relationships with. You can search for the new coffee shop down the street and you can easily connect with them by simply clicking a button. You can even send them a personalized message when requesting to connect with them, which is a step we highly recommend. It’s easy to simply send an invite to someone, but if you send a message along with the invite, it will let the business or individual know that you are interested in creating a genuine connection with them. 

Create Personal Connections 

In this new virtual world, it can be tough to create meaningful and genuine connections with people you have never been in the same roof with. Social networking can easily become impersonal, cold, and robotic, but it’s important to humanize your online interactions. Potential clients can tell when you’re actually interested in their business needs, and that’s the moment when they will open up to you and give you their business. Simply connecting with people online will not help you professionally. You need to reach out to people, get to know them, identify how you can help them, and communicate to them your value as a connection. 

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