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Operating During COVID-19

Hello Merchants! As scary as it may sound, we must talk about the current pandemic the world is going through and how it’s affecting businesses everywhere. While some businesses have postponed business or stopped doing business altogether, others are still running as usual. If you own an essential business and need to keep business flowing, here are 5 ways to diminish the effects of the Coronavirus. 


It is important to stop the misinformation on the pandemic. Misinformation can cause unprecedented panic in the workplace amongst sales partners and discourage many from working. Inform your staff on the symptoms, risks and procedures that should be followed during this time. Keep your staff updated with the most accurate information, preferably from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Advise your staff that if they’re seeking more information about the disease that it is from a reputable source.

Working Remotely

Prevent the potential/further spread of the disease. If any of your staff members can work remotely during this pandemic, it is suggested you tell them to do so. Create a plan that allows the staff to check-in daily and ask questions if need be. Remind the staff to limit their traveling and congregating with other staff members. For those members who are still working as usual, it is recommended that you remove communal food or provide methods that can decrease the spread of germs on these commonly used items. You can keep in-touch with your staff through programs like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype for meetings. Using text messaging or even WhatsApp messaging can help with providing quick and easy responses. Another great application for assigning work is the Asana app. There are many avenues you can use to keep business going even remotely.

Review Policies and Pandemic Procedures

Things like proper sanitizing stations and preventative actions are required when people continue to work in the general population. Overall, self-isolating is the best way to stay safe during this time. Inform the staff on any travel policies and advisories that should be adhered to. You do not want someone who’s traveled to bring a potential risk back to your place of business. Now would be the best time to update staff’s contact information as well as their emergency contact information.

Online Payments 

Many businesses are shifting their focus to online payments during this time. With most of the world stuck at home, there has been an increase in online sales. Online sales already make up 45% of all sales made and people are still making purchases online despite the current pandemic. With the internet being the only way a lot of the world is being connected right now, it is important to understand the potential your business has to make money online. 

Understanding the Situation

Lastly, remember that the entire world is facing the same problem, but some are affected more negatively than others. It is important that we stay empathetic and compassionate during this time as this pandemic’s effects are proving to be detrimental. If sales can be done online or remotely, it is recommended that you do so. There are plenty of options when it comes to making online sales to keep your business afloat, but what is most important is keeping yourself and your staff safe. 

Here at FlashBanc, we are being extremely precautionary and are adapting to this current economic situation as best as we can. Following these tips can help your business continue to stay afloat during these trying times. Flashbanc offers online payment methods and during this time of social distancing it can make a difference for your business. If you have any questions about how you can get started processing online, contact FlashBanc at 1-800-808-1622 or You can also receive more information by listening to our podcast “FlashCast” available on iTunes, Spotify & Soundcloud.

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