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More Tips for Selling During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, sales professionals are looking for new ways to engage potential customers, without being in the same room as them. In addition to utilizing video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype, it’s also important to take advantage of your social media platforms when it comes to networking with prospects. Keep reading for some tips on using social media to increase your sales! 

Optimize Your Profile

Before you start networking, make sure that your social profiles are optimized. For starters, make sure that your profile photo is professional and high resolution. Instead of taking a selfie, have someone take a headshot of you. Selfies are fine for when you’re just using social media to socialize with friends and family, but for business networking, a headshot is vital. The best backgrounds for your headshot include solid color backgrounds and nature scenes. If you’re using a platform like LinkedIn that has a space for your professional summary, make sure to mention the business you’re in, your key skills, a few nods to your personality (don’t go overboard with the personal details, but including a few can help clients connect with you on a personal level), and your contact information. Finally, include a call to action and ask people to contact you if they’re interested in learning about FlashBanc payment solutions. 

Find Connections and Start Reaching Out 

Once you have your profile set-up, it’s time to start connecting with people. If you already have an established social network, this part might be a bit easier, but if you don’t, start searching for potential connections. You can search for companies in your area that you think will be a good fit for the FlashBanc offerings. Try searching for restaurants, medical practices, hotels, and bars that are located near you, and look through their followers. Next, try to identify people who might work at these businesses by searching through their list of followers. Once you identify a few employees, request to connect with them and send them a personal message. 

Customize Your Pitch 

When trying to make sales via social media, it’s important to customize your pitches so that you don’t sound like you’re spamming people. There’s nothing worse than receiving a message from a salesperson where it’s obvious they just pasted in their general form message and filled in your name. It’s incredibly impersonal and a waste of time to send out uncustomized messages like these. When you reach out to a prospect, make sure that your first message is targeted specifically at them. You should check out their social profile and do a quick search for their current company to see if you can find any useful information. Your first message should simply be an introduction and you should focus on making a connection instead of a sale. Once you’ve messaged back and forth with the prospect a few times, then it’s time to start discussing how FlashBanc’s product and service offerings can help them. When you build a connection with someone, they will be more receptive to what you’re selling. 

Stay Tuned For More Tips 

The pandemic has changed the way we do everything, including the way we sell. This situation is new to all of us, but we will make it through this tough time. To help out, we’ll be publishing more COVID-19 selling tips soon!

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