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Merchant Referral Program

Hello merchants! Have you enjoyed your partnership with FlashBanc? Do you have friends or associates who have their own company that you think could make great use of our services? Lucky for both you and them, there is a way for them to sign up with FlashBanc and for you to make some extra money! Introducing the merchant referral program! This is a program designed to reward you for helping out your fellow merchants. Do you know someone who needs or wants lower fees, better support, or a processor with more programs? Refer them to us! When you do, you will also get something out of it, in the form of a cash reward!

What is the merchant referral program?

This program provides you with $50 every time you successfully refer another merchant to FlashBanc. As soon as they have signed the proper paperwork, are approved and start processing, the money is yours! Meanwhile, they now have the benefit of taking advantage of FlashBanc’s amazing resources! From our gift card and loyalty programs, to cash advance solutions, to cash discounts, there is plenty for them to make use of!

Is there a limit?

Not at all! You can continue to refer as many merchants as you know. Maybe you don’t know a merchant, but still want to refer them for that sweet reward. Go for it! Any merchant that you refer and that is successfully brought on the FlashBanc wagon count towards your reward! Use this program to your heart’s desire and add to your business’s revenue. 

What else should I know?

The referred merchants are able to make use of everything FlashBanc has to offer, just as you can. They can also refer other merchants for the reward of $50, with no limit to how many they refer. If they have any questions, they can contact FlashBanc for more information, or you can even have your FlashBanc representative assist them. This program is a great way to help out both yourself and another business owner that you know. 

Just like anyone you want to refer, if you have any questions about what FlashBanc has to offer, do not hesitate to contact your FlashBanc representative or our client support department at 1-800-808-1622. Also, to learn more about the services that we offer, check out other blogs we have written here. You can explore many topics, such as our gift card and loyalty programs, cash advance and cash discount programs, and even complicated topics such as PCI compliance. They are also a fantastic source of information for your referrals, so make sure to guide them to it as well! They are just a few examples of the amazing opportunities available to anyone signed up with FlashBanc, and we look forward to working with you and anyone you help bring on board. We are focused on helping anyone we can.

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