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Gift Cards and Loyalty

Hello merchants! With the holidays just around the corner, so is the inevitable increase in use of gift cards. These popular forms of gifts offer another form of revenue and profit for you. Luckily, FlashBanc merchant services, also allow you to process gift cards, which is exactly what we will be covering today. Additionally, we will also go over FlashBanc’s loyalty program to encourage customers to return more often. Between these two programs, your business will be able to expand like never before!

Gift cards

Gift cards do not require any special terminals, however, they do require a special program to process them. By allowing customers to purchase your own branded gift cards, you will gain multiple benefits. The first of these benefits is better marketing. With your own branded cards, you will be able to treat every gift card purchase as a form of advertisement for everyone who sees it. This includes the customer’s friends, family members, and anyone who might see it used in another store, depending on the nature of the card. Additionally, when a customer returns to redeem the card, they are more likely to spend more than the value of that card. What’s more, once they have emptied the card, you can offer them a way to reload the card and use it another time. This will offer you more revenue in the form of a prepayment. 

All of this will especially come in handy in late November and early December, as the cards are purchased in preparation for the upcoming holidays. The prepaid income that it will provide will allow you to expand your business before the new year. It will also stimulate your brand’s awareness.


While you are taking advantage of your new gift card program, you can also make use of our loyalty program. With this program, you can encourage customers to return by rewarding them for it. This can include discounts, products, and other rewards! Contact your local sales rep to find out if your terminal can be connected to this program and if not we will find a solution to make it possible. 

How can I make use of these programs?

Easy! Contact your local representative or FlashBanc directly to begin setting up! We will work with you if you need to switch to another terminal, and once you have all of the correct equipment, you will be all set to go. FlashBanc and its agents are dedicated to helping you succeed. All we need is to know what you want to do! You can learn more about these programs by contacting your Sales Director or  FlashBanc’s client support department at 1-800-808-1622.

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