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Hello merchants! FlashBanc offers a variety of services and products. Last week, we described our portfolio of terminals and what they bring to the table. This time, we will tell you about our services and how you can benefit from each.

High-Risk Businesses

There are a few types of businesses that are labeled as “high risk”, which can lead to some difficulty when trying to open a merchant account. Generally, these are companies that work within unstable industries, have poor credit, or a negative history when it comes to processing transactions. Unlike other processors, FlashBanc will work with you to get you processing transactions. The solution is not to treat the symptoms, however, but to get to the source of the issue and solve it. One of our experts in high-risk merchants will find a solution that works best for you.

Check Acceptance

As technology moves forward, so do transaction methods and how they are processed. Still, some older forms of payments live on for a variety of reasons. Two such methods are cash and checks. While cash is easy to deal with, checks specifically require the use of a bank before you have access to the value written on them. With FlashBanc, that too is a thing of the past, as we not only accept checks, we accept them with less risk and quicker deposit time. You also have our word that you are protected against NSF fees and checks that bounce. We process your checks as if they were credit cards, deposit the funds into your account automatically, electronically, and with statement reporting online and on paper. We also have 24-hour support available for any questions you may have.

Loyalty and Gift Card Programs

If you have had an issue with keeping customers coming back, then perhaps our loyalty program is your solution. With this program, you can set up a reward system for customers who continuously and faithfully return to you, helping you build your business and your relationship with your customers. Still, some customers may want to use a gift card and that can be an issue. That is, it would be an issue for someone not partnered with FlashBanc because we also offer a gift card program. With this, you will be able to add yet another method of payment for your customers. All you need to do is make sure you have the proper terminal for it by contacting a FlashBanc agent before signing up for either program.

Online Payments

Have you considered offering online payments for your customers? This method would allow your customers to pay for your products online and allow you to offer shipping, delivery, or in-store pickup. You could also accept an order that was made by telephone or mail with a virtual terminal. All it would require is an internet connection and a payment gateway. A payment gateway is simply a software application that is hosted on a remote server, and it will send transaction data from the processing source (website, terminal, or virtual terminal) to a merchant processor (FlashBanc). Customers have no interaction with the payment gateway and won’t even notice it’s existence while the data is transmitted with a secure connection. Finally, the gateway would allow you to add a shopping cart to your website should you wish to, where it would connect to the gateway and your processor. 

Other Services

In addition to the ones mentioned above, we also have two full blog posts discussing our Merchant Cash Advance and Cash Discount programs. We also have a post about our available terminals to complement these programs. All three can be found below:


Cash Discount:

Cash Advance:

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