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Hello Merchants! 

With more people working from home on a daily basis, the demand for online shopping has increased drastically. The convenience of being able to do your shopping from anywhere at any time has caused a shift in the merchant world. In order to keep up with these rapidly changing times, merchants should ensure they have a successfully running E-commerce option.

E-Commerce or online ordering is simply transactions that are done exclusively through the internet. Case-studies have estimated that in 2020 E-Commerce purchases will make up to 876 billion of the purchases made this year. Every customer wants a seamless shopping experience and this is a great way to get it done. Here are a few ways to gain more E-Commerce Business!

Firstly, your online site must be easy to navigate and customer friendly. A lot of lives are lived on the go and people live with their mobile devices in their hands. Having a website that is as easy to navigate on a mobile device can make a difference to a customer who feels they have no free time. Depending on what services your business offers, you may even want to consider a “live chat” option. A live chat or Q & A service option provides quick answers for customers as opposed to the usual phone or email answering option. 

A few great ways to ensure your customer’s safety is point-to-point encryption, tokenization, and PCI compliance, these methods are used on a global scale to prevent information hackers. If you provide your customers with a way to sign in to an account on your website you can also use tokenization to save and encrypt their information for future purchases. While 46.1% of online shopping carts are abandoned before reaching the point of sale, keeping the checkout process simple can help streamline the process. When online shopping many customers want to be able to add things to their “shopping cart” as they browse for items. Merchants should be aware of the looming threat of online information hackers. However, as previously mentioned in one of our blog postings, there are ways to ensure your shopping cart & checkout procedures are secure. With information secured and the checkout process made easy, customers are sure to return.

It is recommended that you provide customers with an option to create an account if your business is related to retail sales or anything that the customer could review their purchases on. Keeping a history of the customer’s purchases provides convenience for customers and merchants alike. In cases where the customer wants to order the same thing and is not positive on what they ordered the last time or if the merchant wants to offer a discount for reviewing items or making future purchases. These types of loyalty programs are highly favored by customers and encourage more purchases. 

E-Commerce or “Online Ordering” can increase the purchases made at your establishment. Being able to shop on the go and from the palm of your hand generates more sales. The amenities that you offer on your site can make all the difference to returning customers. 

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