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Clover® Flex

Are you constantly on the move? Always going from appointment to appointment, never having enough time to eat lunch, never mind just taking a break? Perhaps you work in one building, but you need to keep moving to tend to every customer’s needs, much like a shark needs to keep moving to stay alive? Maybe you just want the security and convenience of being able to take a payment at anytime. You might have a basic and/or stationary terminal, like the FD 130 or PAXS80 and are looking for something that can move with you, or that packs a bit more “oomf”! If any of these cases even remotely match your work schedule or habits, then you should be looking at the Clover® Flex, and if they don’t, you should look at it anyways. 


Besides resolving every example above by being a mobile terminal, it is also secure, intuitive, and serves more purposes than just payment processing. This high-powered mobile terminal is owned by Clover® Network, which works with First Data. The Clover® Flex is ready to use as soon as it’s turned on and will accept payments from swiping to EMV and contactless. It has a built-in security feature called TransArmor Solution, with multiple layers and helps you stay PCI compliant. The Flex also lets you set up loyalty and rewards programs that can be used wherever you are – no need to use a static terminal. The Clover® Flex will also let you manage your inventory by helping you track and replenish your stock. Finally, you can even gain insight into your business with Insightics, which will track your performance, help you find patterns, find similar businesses to yours, and alter your marketing to match your target.

What’s that? This isn’t enough? Well worry not business owner person, because this handy-dandy device also has an ever growing app store, the Clover® App Market, to fuel your business even further!

So basically because it does everything your basic terminal does plus more, and then some!

This sounds amazing! Where can I get one?

So glad you asked! You can get one from a merchant processor. Luckily, there is one in specific that can get you your Flex while also helping your business in every way imaginable – FlashBanc! FlashBanc, which is also powered by First Data, has all sorts of solutions beyond the Flex as well, including loyalty and gift card programs that work so well with the Clover® Flex. They also work with high-risk businesses and can provide a cash advance for businesses that need help with their growth! All of this works in tandem with your shiny new Clover® Flex, allowing you to take your business mobile, stay mobile, and expanding faster than ever. 

What’s the catch?

Nothing! FlashBanc will work with you to setup your Clover® Flex and help you process more transactions than ever before! We have support dedicated to your success! Contact us now to get started, and while you’re at it, explore the FlashBanc website. Also checkout our other blogs, especially on that pesky topic we mentioned earlier – PCI compliance. 

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