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With more people working from home on a daily basis, the demand for online shopping has increased drastically. The convenience of being able to do your shopping from anywhere at any time has caused a shift in the merchant world.
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Rebound Strategy

Did you know that there are 30.2 million small businesses in America? Out of those small businesses, 96% have already been affected by the world’s current pandemic.
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Operating During COVID-19

Hello Merchants! As scary as it may sound, we must talk about the current pandemic the world is going through and how it’s affecting businesses everywhere. While some businesses have postponed business or stopped doing business altogether, others are still running as usual.
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Benefits of a Cloud-Based POS

Hello Merchants! Want the inside scoop on the latest and fastest technology available? Even though we live in the 21st-century, technology isn’t always foolproof. You deserve a safety net for your merchant processing POS system. Now, let’s learn about the ‘Cloud’ and how it can become part of your POS system. What is the ‘Cloud’?
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4 Questions To Ask Before Signing a Contract with a Merchant Processor

Hello merchants! There are many merchant processing companies with different rates, terms, services and much more. It may be difficult to figure out which company will work best for your business. Today we are here to make this decision a bit easier for you. Below are four questions you should always ask before signing a
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5 Reasons To Pick FlashBanc As Your Merchant Processor

Hello Merchants! We know that when it comes to merchant processing you want to ensure that you’ve made the best choice for your business. Today we’re here to help you make that choice and help you decide if FlashBanc is the best choice for your business.  Our Better Business Bureau Rating(BBB).  We would first like
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How To Dispute Chargebacks

Hello Merchants! We’re back at it again with the tips and tools you need to continue running your businesses successfully. In the past, we have talked about what chargebacks are and if you need a refresher click here to check out our blog on chargebacks. Today we’re here to tell you how you can dispute
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Verification Calls

Hello merchants! Today we will be reviewing a very important topic, verification calls. What are verification calls? Why are they necessary? What are common concerns with verification calls? These are exactly the questions we aim to answer in this post, and more!   What is a Verification Call? A verification call is a phone call that
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Hello merchants! Happy New Year and we hope it will be the best one yet for you! To kick things off, we have a post about chargebacks! Recently, the trend of customers requesting chargebacks has increased and has caused issues for merchants. You may be asking: what are chargebacks? How do they affect you? How
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Online Shopping Security

Hello merchants! Do you have a shopping cart on your website? Is it secure? Yes, secure. Purchasing products online does not guarantee that a customer’s information is secure. Instead, you need to make use of a payment gateway. What is a payment gateway? Well, we’re glad you asked… Payment Gateways transmit your customers’ data securely
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