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The Beauty of FlashBanc Gift Cards

Let’s discuss why gift cards are a must-have for your business and how FlashBanc can help you offer them to your valued customers. 
  • Gift Cards, Payments
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The Perks of Processing Payments With FlashBanc

Deciding which payment processing vendor to use for your business is a tough decision. There are tons of companies out there that claim to have the best payment solutions, customer service, and pricing, but more often than not, they write hidden fees into their contracts and don’t deliver the cutting-edge payment solutions they promise. At FlashBanc, we pride ourselves on being different.
  • Payment Processing
  • Posted by FlashBanc / Posted on 21 Jan / 0 Comments
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Online Payment Acceptance With FlashBanc

By the end of 2020, it’s estimated that there will be a total of $910,396 million worth of digital transactions. What does this staggering statistic mean for your business? The world is becoming increasingly digital, so offering online payments is a must-have! At FlashBanc, we’ll help you integrate payment processing right into your website.
  • Payment Gateway, Payment Processing
  • Posted by FlashBanc / Posted on 24 Dec / 0 Comments
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Achieve Major Savings With Our Cash Discount Program

Especially during this tough economic time, businesses are looking for ways to cut costs, without compromising on the level of service they provide their customers. With the help of SwipeSimple, the innovative payment solutions provider, we’re proud to be able to offer your business a cash discount program that will both save you money in credit card processing fees and delight your customers with discounts.
  • Cash Discount Program, Payment Processing
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Our Merchant Cash Advance Program

During this tough time, FlashBanc is here to offer our Merchant Cash Advance Program. We are happy to be able to offer cash advances of up to $300,000. Keep reading to learn more!
  • Cash Advance, COVID-19
  • Posted by FlashBanc / Posted on 05 Nov / 0 Comments
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FlashBanc Cash Discount Program: Every Penny Counts

In this tough time when every cent matters, FlashBanc is here to help your business save money and be successful. We offer a variety of programs that provide unique, effective solutions for saving money, and our Cash Discount Program is something we believe will help you tremendously.
  • Cash Discount Program, Merchants, Processing
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