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FlashBanc Cash Discount Program: Every Penny Counts

In this tough time when every cent matters, FlashBanc is here to help your business save money and be successful. We offer a variety of programs that provide unique, effective solutions for saving money, and our Cash Discount Program is something we believe will help you tremendously. 

By utilizing our Cash Discount Program, your business can offset credit card processing fees by adding a small customer service charge to each transaction, while giving your customers the option to pay via cash in exchange for a small discount. For example, your associate could say something like, “Would you like to save $0.50 by paying with cash today, or would you rather pay with a credit card?” This might seem like a small change, but over time, these savings rack up a lot of extra money for your business. On average, businesses that use standard credit card processing spend around $835.00 in monthly credit card fees, which is a huge expense. Take advantage of our Cash Discount Program today. Many businesses are struggling to stay profitable during this pandemic, and this chunk of savings could be a lifesaver! 

Surcharges, which charge extra on all credit card purchases, are forbidden in 10 states across America, but these differ from our Cash Discount Program. Our program simply offers customers a discount for paying with cash as opposed to a credit card, and programs like these are legal in all 50 states. The best part is, our Cash Discount Program has no obligations and no contracts! It works with all credit card types, EMV chips, and mobile wallet apps like ApplePay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. Your business has the option to have your customer service charge calculated by a percentage or set as a flat fee. Any business that suffers the burden of ever-increasing credit card processing fees will benefit greatly from our program, but those who sell small-ticket items ($1 to $10 average transaction sizes) will benefit the most. This includes businesses like coffee shops, ice cream parlors, gift shops, food stands, and gas stations. 

If you’re not sure about whether you’d like to utilize a Cash Discount Program at your business, contact us today and we’d be happy to help. Remember, there are no contracts and it’s obligation-free! If you decide to move forward with our program, we will pair you with a skilled consultant who can show you the ropes. They’ll help you find the right equipment and plan for your business, so you can leave the details to us. We will provide you with all the necessary signage to give notice to your customers about the program, as well as training and support materials for your employees. If you’re still feeling unsure, here’s a fact you might be interested in; research shows that the program is generally accepted by most customers, with cash sales increasing while total sales remain the same. 

To learn more about the FlashBanc Cash Discount Program, contact us today and one of our Associates will be happy to assist you. During this tough time, we need to band together and hold each other up, and FlashBanc is here to help your business succeed. Sign up today and count those savings!

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