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Accepting Card Transactions

Little Businesses, Big Dreams

Making a name for yourself can be hard, as an individual and a business. With that in mind, small businesses need to do everything they can save on costs and increase revenue. Those costs may vary, from inventory, payroll (with the exception of interns, read as: free labor), and supplies, to potential fines and fees. One sort of fee is that for processing cards and credit transactions. This may push some small businesses towards cash-only policies. However, is this the best solution?

No Mr./Ms. Merchant, no it is not

Studies show that more and more people prefer to use card and plastic over paper (#savetheamazon). Businesses are finding that up to 75% of people prefer to use credit or debit cards, and a study by Dun & Bradstreet found that consumers using cards spend up to 12-18% more than their cash-carrying counterparts. By processing cards, a business could take the perceived cost of processing fees, and turn it into increased profits due to the amount of increased transactions that they would experience. A data analysis company for small businesses, Womply, conducted their own study that found that local businesses have had a 7% growth in revenue from card transactions alone over a two year period. With increased growth, more spending, and a preference for it over the more classical methods, every small business should be looking to move away from cash and putting an emphasis on newer transaction methods.

“But Flashmeister, you amazing person, those transaction fees are scary and can be quite large”

First of all, Mr./Ms. Merchant, flattery will get you nowhere. Except everywhere. Keep at it. Secondly, that’s why you choose a reliable merchant processor with low fees and great support. There is surely many out there, but we have a secret processor that we only share with my favorite businesses. Ready? Here it is. It’s called “FlashBanc”. WE KNOW. FANTASTIC, right? How convenient that there is a national merchant processing company that has low fees, high support, helps it’s merchants save money, AND has a wonderfully entertaining, yet informative, blog. What’s even better is that FlashBanc has a number of services, products, and programs to assist you even more! There are a number of different terminals for any transaction method you can think of! They also have programs like Cash Advance, which allows merchants a source of investment for almost anything business related! 

So, what now?

Well, Mr./Ms. Merchant, now you contact a local agent or go explore the FlashBanc website and get to know us. We’ll take you out to dinner, look for a connection, maybe some sparks, and then get the paperwork out. Before  you know it, we’ll be partners for life! Our low rates and great support, matched with your fantastic business sense (as exemplified by choosing us!) will make us unbeatable. Together, we’ll take over the world! Processing cards and digital transactions is the next step in your growth, and we’re here with the solution to any problem that gets in the way, so let’s take that step together!

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