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5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Merchant Processing

Hello merchants! Do you have any questions about merchant processing? Are there certain aspects that you don’t quite understand and need clarity about? No worries, because today FlashBanc will dispel any confusion you may have! We will go through each of the questions that we commonly receive and break them down for you!

Will my personal information be shared?

Merchants are concerned that their personal information will be sold, hacked, or just won’t be protected at all. FlashBanc will never use our merchants’ personal information for a profit, nor would we leave it blatantly unprotected. Additionally, we use state of the art protection to make sure that your personal information stays personal and private. We take great pride in keeping your data safe.

Will my rates increase after signing up?

There have also been questions about rates increasing after you sign up with us. While it may be true that other merchant processors may increase your rates in order to gain profits, FlashBanc is different. More importantly, FlashBanc is better than they are, because we will never increase your rates. The only time you will see any increases is when you sign up for a new solution, such as the merchant cash advance program, that carries its own costs. 

Will promises made be met?

Another question that we hear is if FlashBanc will deliver on the promises it makes. Similar to increasing rates, this is what separates FlashBanc from the rest of the industry. FlashBanc keeps every promise it makes in helping its merchants with credit card processing. Our merchant services are designed to provide you with the best results, from fantastic programs to wireless terminals powered by First Data. 

Will you actually buy me out of my current contract?

Some merchants have shown concerns over other processors pledging to buy them out of their previous contracts, only to lapse on those promises. Following the theme of this post, this is yet another factor that differentiates FlashBanc from its second-rate competitors. If you have a contract with a termination fee, FlashBanc will pay for you to move over to our services. We believe strongly enough in our merchant cash solutions to provide this premium service to anyone who needs it.

Will I see surprise fees on my bill? 

Finally, we have also had many questions regarding pricing plans and billing statements. FlashBanc has clear, concise, and open plans and statements. We dedicate ourselves to making sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to our partnership. What’s more, if there is anything that you need more clarification over, then don’t hesitate to call our client support department. This department is designed to assist you in any endeavor involving FlashBanc, including explaining our services and charges. Additionally, or agents and sales directors are also capable of assisting you in any way you need. Again, this includes sorting out any unclear pricing or statement charges. 
FlashBanc is here to assist you in processing credit cards and providing other merchant services. If you have any questions, you can contact FlashBanc by calling 1-800-808-1622 or visiting our website here. Additionally, you can contact your local FlashBanc agent to sign up with us and make use of our great solutions!

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