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5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Merchant Processing

Hello merchants! Do you have any questions about merchant processing? Are there certain aspects that you don’t quite understand and need clarity about? No worries, because today FlashBanc will dispel any confusion you may have! We will go through each of the questions that we commonly receive and break them down for you! Will my
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Merchant Referral Program

Hello merchants! Have you enjoyed your partnership with FlashBanc? Do you have friends or associates who have their own company that you think could make great use of our services? Lucky for both you and them, there is a way for them to sign up with FlashBanc and for you to make some extra money!
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Gift Cards and Loyalty

Hello merchants! With the holidays just around the corner, so is the inevitable increase in use of gift cards. These popular forms of gifts offer another form of revenue and profit for you. Luckily, FlashBanc merchant services, also allow you to process gift cards, which is exactly what we will be covering today. Additionally, we
  • Posted by fbadmin / Posted on 11 Nov / 0 Comments
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Seasonal Shutdowns

Hello everyone! As we enter the holiday season, many of our merchants will be experiencing their heaviest time of the year. However, some of them will instead experience their slowest time of the year, and may even consider shutting down until the season ends. No worries, because today we will be covering how a seasonal
  • Posted by fbadmin / Posted on 06 Nov / 0 Comments
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