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Archive for October 2019

Why verify your customer’s address?

Hello merchants! Similar to PCI (which we covered in another blog here), you may have heard of a pesky acronym: AVS. What is AVS? Why is it necessary? Did I leave the stove on? These are probably the questions that you have whenever you hear about AVS if it hasn’t been properly explained to you.
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Merchant Support

Hello merchants! FlashBanc strives to provide the best service that it possibly can. However, unexpected problems can still occur. In our effort to resolve these problems, FlashBanc has the Client Support Department. This department is designed to answer any and all of your questions. Read on to find out the awesome benefits that it can
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What Is Online Ordering?

Hello merchants! Are you looking to expand your ability to accept transactions for your business? Well then, you’re in luck! FlashBanc offers an online payments service to help you set up online ordering! In this post, we will break down what online ordering is, how you can set it up, and what it can do
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