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Who Is First Data?

Hello merchants! Every now and then, you may have seen a mention of a company called First Data. You may have even seen us mention that we are powered by them. You also might have wondered: Who are they? What do they do? Why are they important? Well, wonder no longer, because FlashBanc is here
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FlashBanc Services

Hello merchants! FlashBanc offers a variety of services and products. Last week, we described our portfolio of terminals and what they bring to the table. This time, we will tell you about our services and how you can benefit from each. High-Risk Businesses There are a few types of businesses that are labeled as “high
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Finding The Right Terminal

Hello merchants! As we all know, you can’t process a transaction without the most crucial part: the terminal. Without a terminal, a merchant is unable to accept cards, NFC, or any other form of payment that is not cash. However, there is also a wide variety of terminals, so much so that it can be
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3rd Party Processors vs. Banks

Bank Offerings Banks are a natural consideration for setting up an account with and using to process your transactions. However, they have two options available to you: a business account and a merchant account. The business account is exactly what it sounds like, an account for all of your business’ transactions to go into. Nothing
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Who is FlashBanc?

So, you’re a merchant that has heard of a company called “FlashBanc”. Perhaps you’ve met with one of our agents, or maybe you just happened upon our blog. Either way, you’ve learned that we can help you process transactions, make use of a plethora of programs, and save a ton of money. Still, you don’t
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