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Online Ordering -Redefining the Payment Industry

Technology has been advancing at an exponential rate, and this remains true for the payment industry as well. Financial technology is redefining the payment industry in a massive way, leading to unprecedented growth.  According to Juniper Research, financial technology companies stand to generate $638 billion by 2024. In an even shorter timescale, the industry can
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Clover® Flex

Are you constantly on the move? Always going from appointment to appointment, never having enough time to eat lunch, never mind just taking a break? Perhaps you work in one building, but you need to keep moving to tend to every customer’s needs, much like a shark needs to keep moving to stay alive? Maybe
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Merchant Processing Myths

Welcome, one and all, to our giant list of Myths about Merchant Processing! Here is your one and only stop for any and all myths you may have heard about the credit card processing industry. Ready? Here we go! The Fees to Process Cards Reduce Profits While it is true that processing both credit and
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