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Accepting Card Transactions

Little Businesses, Big Dreams Making a name for yourself can be hard, as an individual and a business. With that in mind, small businesses need to do everything they can save on costs and increase revenue. Those costs may vary, from inventory, payroll (with the exception of interns, read as: free labor), and supplies, to
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PCI Compliance

So, you’re a merchant and you’ve heard this acronym, PCI, coupled with that wonderful word: compliance. The thing is, you don’t know what PCI compliance is, why it’s important, or how its affected by your merchant processor. What does PCI even stand for?! Well… PCI can stand for many things, like Portable Chocolate Ice cream
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Cash Advance Program

Are you a business owner who needs immediate access to cash, but doesn’t want to deal with the lengthy and unpromising process of applying for a bank loan? If the answers yes, you may want to consider applying for a merchant cash advance (MCA). What is a MCA? A merchant cash advance is far from
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Cash Discount Program

You’re a start-up business and brainstorming ways to best save money and get your business off the ground. The past few statement fees have indicated a plummet in profits, mostly due to having to pay credit card processing fees. You’ve hit a wall and can’t determine a better solution to accommodate your needs. Have you
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