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Our Sister Company: YuzzBuzz

Hello merchants! Today we have a slightly different post. Have you had trouble reaching out to new customers, or advertising your business to a wider audience? Today, we have a solution! Meet YuzzBuzz, our digital marketing sister company! Within this post, we will explore the services offered by YuzzBuzz, the advantage it provides you, and how you can look into using their services to bring in more customers!

YuzzBuzz Services

YuzzBuzz offers 3 types of services: SEO, paid advertising, and social media marketing. 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method of improving your website’s position in a search engine’s listings. Primarily, Google is the targeted engine as it is the most widely used. Improving your website’s search performance involves adding keywords to your website, updating titles and descriptions, writing blogs or articles, and providing analytical data. All of this works together to make sure your business is the first one customers see when they search certain words. SEO is organic and does not require additional payment to Google or other search engines.

Paid advertising involves paying a search engine to manually move your business to the top of the search results page. This also involves managing keywords you don’t want associated with your business, designing landing pages and the writing on them, as well as a realtime dashboard that displays your ads’ performance.

Social media marketing involves producing content on social media accounts to promote your business and offer a channel of interaction with your audience. YuzzBuzz offers a calendar that outlines how often content is produced, and when it is posted. Specifically, they will produce up to two posts for Facebook and Instagram each weekly, for a total of eight posts a month per website.

How Does This Help Me?

Digital marketing has become an effective alternative to the classical physical marketing of billboards or television advertisements while yielding similar or better results with less financial investment. The end goal of using YuzzBuzz’s services is to drive more traffic to your social media and websites, and by proxy, more customers to your business. Whenever an individual searches for key terms that match your SEO, paid advertisements, or social media posts, you will appear on the results page. With YuzzBuzz, your placement will be moved to the first page, front, and center for all to see. The higher you place on a results page, the more trustworthy and relevant your website is according to that search engine. That higher placement will over time result in more people navigating to your website and eventually your store, where they can provide your company with more revenue.

How Can I Get Started?
You can look into YuzzBuzz by going to their website and reading more about their services and packages offered. Think about how each package would affect you, and then contact them. YuzzBuzz will provide you with an agent to go more in-depth about the packages, customize one to your specific needs, and then begin your happy relationship! Remember, that all starts by clicking here.

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